Matthew Richard McCabe

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Hello, I'm Matthew. I am Borg. You know the drill. I'm 12 years old. I like army games like first person shooters where I get to blow people’s heads off from a distance! I'm in sixth grade and lean toward piloting in the air force. I like some animals; my favorites are the snake and the spider. I like EPIC final boss music from games, and have a thing for pixel art. I am single and looking for a nice, smart pretty girl to keep me happy with my tired, every once in awhile annoying mother. The only thing that kept me going is video games and architecture on the computer. SOMEONE has to keep me from eyeing female video game characters! I'm a definite fan of swordsmanship, and you'd have trouble defeating me with a good sized sword and a shield! I like building army stuff like split rail fences and gun bikes!


Personal Data:

  1. Age: 12
  2. Sex: Male
  3. Location: Northwestern Pennsylvania

I like skinny girls with short dark hair when they are nice and understanding! Ages 10-13 preferred.

Other Interests:

  1. Computer Games:
  2. Nintendo Game-Cube Games:
  3. Nintendo Game-Boy Games:
  4. Building stuff with Legos
  5. Favorite Books:
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Favorite People:

The DEADLIEST animals on the Planet!