This will be my first personal web page done without step by step instructions

This site is going to be a hub for my other pages.

My name is Mike. I enjoy a nice quite life of fun and learning. I aspire to be a paramedic like my dad.I like music videos like this one: I enjoy school and my favorite subject is computer science because I am learning the basices of programming a website using HTML codeing. I enjoy a lot of hobbies of all sorts. I have a nice mom and a cool dad and both put up with me when I am in a bad mood. If I had to choose between school and play I would probably choose school because I know that you have to have proper learning and training to be succsessful in life. IF I could have one wish I would wish for enouf mony for both parents to get out of debt, have mom get a house ,dad fix his house ,and have enouf left over that they would only have to work if they want to for the rest of there lives.

I have a cat and a rabbit. there names are Vanella and snowball. I also have a cat at my dads house named Kane. What I count as my family is moderetly sized of my known reliteves are my Grandma Gloria, my Dad Michael (more commonly called by his middle name Harve to avoid confusion) ,my sister Aurora, my brothers Drake, Rowen ,and Mathew, my mom Tereasa, My grandpa Cozad,my grandma Cozad my cousins Brandon, Jered, Bobby ,and Scotty, My uncle sam, My grandma Mary , my grandpa Steve ,My aunt Michell, my aunt Eddi ,and my uncle John. The last names are Cozad, McCabe, MacArther, Duegay,Povoco, and Lander.
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